CNG Fueling Station Now Open in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. 
AR Natural Gas Fueling Systems is proud to announce the opening of our new Duncansville re-fueling location.  Contact Us to learn more about how you can save with CNG. 

PA Dealers Wanted

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Are you cashing in on the natural gas boom? 

Introducing the JAC GreenKraft Inc, compressed natural gas line-up of commercial trucks. Powered by a GM 6.0 engine and transmission, these GreenKraft trucks are delivered ready to run on compressed natural gas. 
Can you offer your customers?: 

√ 14,000 - 33,000 GVWR 
√ Fuel Savings 
√ High Efficiency 
√ Reliability

The future looks bright for compressed natural gas. Pennsylvania is sitting on the Marcellus formation, the second largest gas deposit in the world. 

To learn more about selling our trucks and the quickly growing list of CNG fill stations, Click Here or Contact Us.